Restructuring criteria for long-term viability and success

FPEIM news release, November 26, 2015.

The provincial government has announced its support to Island municipalities as they embark upon plans to explore new ways of working together in the future. Funding is now available for restructuring studies, as well as transition costs following boundary changes to create a larger, viable municipality.

This is vitally important and welcomed news. We know that currently in PEI there are 73 municipalities for only 100,000 people.  Municipalities only cover 30% of the Island and one-third are smaller than 5 km².

As we work to create a stronger future, we owe it to the citizens of today and tomorrow to get it right.  Communities need support, a collective vision and fact based criteria to guide the process.   The Province has identified the following minimum viability criteria:

  •  4,000 people
  • $200,000 total assessment of real property
  • A municipal office that is accessible to the public
  • Established infrastructure, economic and institutional activity in the proposed municipality
  • A range of services being offered to the residents
  • Boundaries that do not purposefully leave out existing service centres or that do not negatively impact an existing municipality in their own efforts to grow and/or provide services

Each of these points address fundamental elements to consider when planning for the future development of our municipalities and we encourage all community and municipal leaders to talk with residents and for residents to get informed and get involved with the process.

We encourage all Islanders to get involved in the conversation; there is a bright future for PEI if we work together to Build PEI Communities.

Read FPEIM’s news release here.