Three Rivers Region

Amalgamation Tool Kit in the Works for Municipalities

Article from CBC published January 20, 2016.

“We decided that you know we are going to go out and pull a tool kit together so that municipalities, when they are talking with their neighbours, that at least they’ll be able to have sort of a blueprint of what they need to do, what they need to ask for and that type of thing.”

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To thrive into the future we must cooperate

Article by Paul MacNeill for, published December 2015.

“…sooner or later a provincial government of one colour or another will force a shotgun wedding. There is merit in being the first to the alter and dictating terms to maximum benefit.”

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Positive Signs Coming from Eastern PEI

Article from The Guardian, published December 19, 2015.

“The Three Rivers report concentrates on the positives, suggesting the regional option hold the greatest potential for maximizing economic development and creates the more efficient and effective administrative structure. Consultants suggest the new municipality is the most affordable and equitable option for all residents.”


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At some point we need to redraw municipal boundaries

CBC Article published November 15, 2015.

“The federation would like to see all of Prince Edward Island incorporated, but what we’d like to see is people in local areas have major input into who they’d like to group up with to make the larger units.” – Diane Griffin, vice-chair of the Federation of P.E.I. Municipalities

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